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"an excellent trainer of adults"
- Julie Church, Pre-School Music Association, Norfolk

Stepping Notes teachers’ courses are designed to help those who teach young children to develop their students’ musicianship through the voice, and through natural body movement. They concentrate on the following areas:

  1. using the body and the voice to help children to feel and understand rhythm, melody, phrasing and harmony;
  2. teaching musical literacy using singing and movement;
  3. choosing and using children’s instruments in such a way as to preserve and enhance their co-ordination and sense of rhythm.


boys percussion
"Prepared meticulously and delivered with expertise and joy. All material was very relevant and sequenced imaginatively… Inspirational, exceedingly useful & most enjoyable."
- Sue Hamilton, Dalcroze Cert. pre-school music teacher, Surrey
girl throws beanbag


Alternatively, Nikhil is happy to tailor a course to your requirements. Please contact him directly to discuss your preferences.

All courses are practical and hands-on. A large number of wonderful songs and activities are covered. Multi-sensory teaching aids are used. Many beautiful instruments are played. Information is provided about sources of further training, books, materials, teaching aids & instruments.

"The training which [Nikhil] provided... was meticulously planned with a wide range of resources to support the various activities undertaken during the training. The training was fast paced and rigorous in content yet delivered in such a way as to make it a tremendously enjoyable experience for all."
- Lynne Beck, Advisory Teacher (Music), Bracknell Forest Council



Nikhil Dally received first-class honours in music from Cambridge University, and studied composition at the Guildhall School of Music. Nikhil founded the Stepping Notes Music School in 2000. He designed the Stepping Notes curriculum himself and teaches all classes, for children aged 2 to 8. The school now has about 100 students on its roll, and won the award for Best Local Activity with What’s On 4 Little Ones. Nikhil is increasingly in demand to lead workshops for teachers on the Stepping Notes approach. Recent engagements include teacher-training workshops and courses for Colourstrings International, the British Kodály Academy, the Association of British Choral Directors, the Dalcroze Society, the Len Tyler Music School, Bracknell Forest LEA, the Young Choral Academy Kuala Lumpur, and the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Singapore. Stepping Notes teachers’ courses are regularly over-subscribed.


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